12 Car Entry

Blackbird Auto Club – 12 Car Navigational Event

Dear All,

Please find online entry links for Friday 28th May.

Competitor’s entry link: https://rally.sapphire-solutions.co.uk/register.php?sitename=blackbird

Marshal sign on link: https://rally.sapphire-solutions.co.uk/marshalreg.php?sitename=blackbird

For any marshal who has not got a MSUK licence please apply here online : https://www.motorsportuk.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/2019-09-11-marshal-registration-form-2020.pdf     if you had a 2020 licence then these have been carried over to this year by MSUK. So only apply if you didn’t have one for 2020.

In this “minimum contact” world there will be no scrutineering of cars, inspection of documents or collection of money at the start.  All the necessary administration will be done online.

Please find attached two documents which need your attention if competitor and one if marshal.

I have also attached the RallyAppLive manual and the amendment to MSUK regs for the app.

1)    Competitors’ declaration, we need a copy from each crew member. 

2)    Insurance declaration, we need this back, completed appropriately, whether you have your own insurance or are buying into the organisers scheme.

Marshals we need your declaration as well please.

Forms can be returned by email, text, WhatsApp or post. If sending photos, please check they are readable.  bignoseh@hotmail.com 

In addition, if you have not paid your entry fee (£10) and, if required, your insurance premium (£17) then please transfer this to Blackbird Auto Club A/c No: 70079421 Sort Code: 20-61-51 (please use your Surname” and 28th Mayas a reference)

I will send out Final Instructions on the eve of Thursday 27th   May to all those who have paid and returned their declarations.  The Final Instructions will contain a short 

Necessary Devices

You will need a reasonably modern, fully charged Mobile phone running iOS or Android.
During the rally, the GPS and Data must be switched ON, even though a mobile signal may not be available. Data will be available at the start to enable initial login.

It is strongly recommended that you install a suitable USB charging Point in the car to reduce the risk of the phone running out of battery charge.

A suitable solid screen or dash mount for the mobile phone is recommended to provide a clear view and reach for the Navigator while seated wearing a seatbelt.

You do not need a constant mobile signal; times are stored on the phone until they can be uploaded. On a longer event, designated upload areas may be defined to provide data for the results system and interim Results.

At the finish, Results can be viewed on a mobile phone. 
After sending my initial email about this event I have had a good response from marshals and a few crews showing interest so do not miss out.
Any questions please ask!
Best regards and hope to see many competitors and marshals getting out and involved.
Harry Brierley
Email : bignoseh@hotmail.com